Tuscany, Italy photographer

This year we had the chance to visit so many countries with amazing locations. From England to Hong Kong. It wasn’t the first time we visited Tuscany, but it was the first time we’ve been to Val d’Orcia and it took our breath away.

Lauren and Chris are amazing photographers from Trinidad and it’s always a special honour when fellow photographer trust us with making memories for them. Especially when we get to work in such amazing places in the world. They stayed at a gorgeous Villa just outside of Siena and that’s where our session began. Calm and relaxed, just as we love it. Although these two aren’t used to being in front of the camera, they were naturals.

Our session continued in the vineyards before heading for Val d’Orcia, the heart of Tuscany. The whole day was a bit cloudy, but the sky cleared up for a golden sunset. The scene was so beautiful that we needed to take a 10 minute break, sit down in the grass and just stare at the amazingness happening around us.

We made two new friends that day. And we couldn’t be more grateful we met.