“Our main goal is to make you feel as comfortable in front of the camera as we can. And by getting to know you, you get to know us and all the walls and hesitations are gone.”


An engagement session is so much more than just a drill for the wedding. It’s our time to connect. We love spending time with our couples and during an engagement session we feel that we truly get to know you. There is no pressure or time limits, just two photographers and a couple having an awesome time.

»There are so many rewarding aspects of photography, but the best by far is when couples let us in. Into their little world where they can be themselves. And love, feel, be - without any hesitations or restrictions. There's nothing more rewarding then being part of someone's story, to give them precious memories and capture moments in time that are gone so quickly.«

We have so many ideas for our next engagement session location, but we'd love to hear yours! What is your special place? Where do you want to go? Is it where you shared your first kiss? Or maybe where you first saw each other? Or did you always talk about how you wanted to go someplace, but never did?

No place is too far or too crazy, we have passports.