Mangart engagement photographer

Urška in Mitja.jpg

Say hello to one of our favorite locations of 2018 - Mangart! We love cities, but nature is where we feel most comfortable and at home. We don’t get to see a lot of mountain tops, since we’re swamped in work during the summer, so it’s awesome when we can incorporate our photoshoots into some breathtaking landscapes.

We met Urška and Mitja a few months ago and remember vivdly how we bonded over our love for a particular brand of cars. We discovered that we have so many similar interests and among them was the love for nature, mountains in particular.

Mangart was so good to us! We escaped the heatwave all the way up to the top and waited for the sunset. And it was an amazing one.

Thank you, dear Urška and Mitja. You guys are so awesome and we can’t wait for your big day!