Nika and Grega

We're Nika and Grega and we're destination wedding photographers based in Slovenia, Europe.

There is nothing we enjoy more than spending time with each other and when we share that time with you, magic happens.

We want you to be inspired by our work and feel the raw and pristine emotions we capture. Your love is our love. We want to connect with you and get to know you.

There are so many rewarding aspects of photography, but the best by far is when couples let us in. Into their little world where they can be themselves. And love, feel, be - without any hesitations or restrictions. There's nothing more rewarding then being part of someone's story, to give them precious memories and capture moments in time that are gone so quickly.

We can't wait to meet you and tell your story.


  1. Grega's name is actually Grega and not Gregor (he hates it when someone calls him that)
  2. We love it when wedding guest don't pay any attention to us (it makes for the best photographs)
  3. We both edit to the loud sounds of electronic music
  4. Our perfect evening consists of a good dinner and a movie
  5. We have the darkest sense of humour (oops)
  6. Nika never watched The Lord of The Rings
  7. Grega's still trying to convince her into watching it
  8. We're all for community not competition
  9. We never go to bed angry with each other
  10. Our favourite part of the wedding is getting ready
  11. Always quality over quantity
  12. We just skipped the number 6 on this list and you didn't notice
  13. No we didn't. Got ya :)
We don’t shoot what it looks like, we shoot what it feels like. We want you to feel the emotional rollercoaster your wedding day brings every time you’ll look through your photographs.
— Nika&Grega

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