Mojca & Marko

After we picked the date and location of our wedding, we needed a great photographer. We found out about Nika and Grega from social media and after we looked through their work we fell in love with their style. We set up our first meeting and hit it off right away. The engagement session was a real ice breaker. We love that approach since we were completely relaxed on our wedding day and had the feeling that we’re being photographed by friends and not professional photographers.

The photographs speak for themselves. They captured emotions and spontaneous moments which will forever remind us of our beautiful day. Nika and Grega also blended in with the wedding guests perfectly and unnoticeably.

If we could choose our photographers again, we would pick them again in a heartbeat. They’re talented and full of ideas. And besides everything, they’re really cool.

Katja & Andrej

The decision for you two wasn’t hard at all. There’s a sea of other photographers out there, but what makes you different is that you’re utmost professional and have a charming charisma. After our first (hours long) meeting we knew that this was it. The chemistry between us was obvious. We love your easiness, sense of humour and the respect you show. Yes, respect. Not just for your work, but for us. Not in one moment you tried to change us, you accepted us just as we are. And that’s what we wanted. That’s what our wedding was like. Not for others, but for us two. And besides amazing photographs that truly show our wedding story, we gained two friends – for ever.

Erika & Denis

When we think of Nika and Grega we think of quality, charisma and amazing attitude. They charmed us at our first meeting and the decision to choose them was easy. They’ve been there for us through the whole process and also suggested some great ideas we ended up using in our wedding. The engagement session was where got to experience the way they work and tell the story. The wedding day coverage was just an upgrade from what we’ve already seen. Thank you again for being a part of our unforgettable day.

Sara & Gašper

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions when getting married. Well, our choice was so much more then what we expected. Nika and Grega are wounderful wedding photographers. They know how to listen, respect your wishes and they’re completely devoted to their work. Their friendly attitude and positive energy made the atmosphere of our wedding relaxed and nice, so we could let loose completely and really enjoyed our time together. With their creativity and professionality they captured so many beautiful moments from our day and told our story. Looking through our gorgeous wedding book really took our breath away – pure perfection. We couldn’t be happier that we chose you two. We are forever grateful for the beautiful and timeless memories.

Suzana & Rok

We knew right away when we first met Nika and Grega that we’ve chosen the best photographers for us. The relaxed, laid-back attitude and how they complement each other – perfect combination. The engagement session really showed us that we aren’t as un-photogenic as we always thought we were. One thing more we loved is that they really clicked with our little girls and got them all excited for the wedding photoshoot.

As a bride, I was really nervous and anxious the last couple of weeks before the wedding and Nika had always been there for me and gave me advice I needed (after all it was my first – and hopefully last – wedding).

And then the wedding day came along. They were there for us when needed and we felt like having two friends with us all the time (we share so much – they are our friends).

Describing all the emotions we felt when we first saw our online gallery is hard.  We both cried looking at the phenomenal photographs. All of our loved ones had the feeling like being right there in the middle of our wedding again. And then we got our wedding book. Oh boy, it’s a book we show to everyone that has a spare minute, we’re so proud of it! Nika and Grega, thank you again for everything.