Bettina and Basset.jpg
True love is measured by how deep you fall
And judged by how low you are willing to crawl
Just to save it and make it last
It is determined by how willing you are to open up and offer your trust.

September was by far our busiest month, but when lovely Bettina and Basset called and invited us to ba a part of their destination wedding in Hallstatt, Austria, we couldn't say no. 

We booked a hotel and drove up to Hallstatt the day before the wedding. After our check in at the hotel we went to get our luggage out of the car and a guy was staring and smiling at us. "Are you Nika and Grega?" he said. We couldn't believe it, but it was Basset, and Bettina was smiling right behind him. What are the odds that we would book the same hotel? And arrive at the same time? 

The next day was the big day. We drove to center Hallstatt and explored the streets together. Whan an amazing location! The lake and the views took our breath away. The alpine town of Hallstatt Austria has so much to offer. The best part was when we went up to the Skywalk overlooking the whole lake and the town. 

But what impressed us most was the time we spent with Bettina and Basset. They just couldn't keep their eyes off of each other and made our jobs so easy. Their kindness and calmness reflected on us and the whole day was filled with laughter and relaxed conversations.