Anja in Gašper poroka.jpg

Beautiful Anja and Gašer, so kind and loving. It was our first time photographing in Ribnica, or Bear Country, as we call it, and we were so impressed by the kindness and love we encountered. 

Anja planned her day down to every detail and had a clear vision of where we're going to take the photos. We must say, her choice was amazing! Although we kept an eye out for any bears coming our way, the tall spruce tree forest was a refreshing playground for us. 

Throughout all the times we got the chance to spend some time with those two (and we loved those times), we noticed the deep bond they have and that made our job so much more easier. Every touch and every kiss as natural as it gets. That is what we look for in our photographs. Natural colors. Natural love. Timeless memories. 

Our dearest Anja and Gašper, thank you for everything. We're blessed to call you two friends. 


Make up: Barbara Rigler
Hair: Frizerska hiša Mark
Grooms suit: SENS
Brides dress: Grazia
Flowers: M detajl, Marja Olenik
Decoration: M detajl, Marja Olenik
Wooden details: AKALU
Venue: Penzion Makšar
Band: Skupina Hooruk
Video: Studio Boutique
Wedding favours: Instalab magnetki