Our alarm clock was set at 4.20AM that morning and it was so worth it. Having the amazing streets of Vienna to ourselves was an incredible feeling and we're so thankful we got to explore them with Jane and Aman, two Canadians that got engaged recently and wanted a really special Vienna engagement session. 

The day before the session we drove from Pag to Vienna and passing the Schönbrunn Palace, we just knew we had to shoot there. After we shoot in the Vienna City centre, we hurried to the Palace just as it opened their gates and there was no one there! Majestic architecture of the Palace and an amazing park were the perfect finish to our session. 

It's amazing how we connect with people from the other side of the globe. Although we think we're so different, we're really the same. Wouldn't want to explore Vienna with none other than these two beautiful souls we now call friends.