Well, we can't really find the words to describe how much we enjoyed exploring amazing Slovenia with these two. Let's just say we definitely found friends for life in Jasna and Bostjan. 

SInce they are both hikers and in love with the mountains, the Slovenian Alps were the perfect choice for our engagement session. First, we drove up to Peričnik falls and climbed (yes, climbed - we missed the regular path) all the way up to the top. Wow, the Pericnik falls are amazing! It was our first time there and we're super impressed! Jasna and Bostjan even agreed to stand in the freezing cold river with us. Next stop was the spring lake Zelenci with the gorgeous green and blue colors - even the weather played along and softened the sky with pretty clouds to make the mood even better. Finishing the day off we drove to Lake Jasna (since the future bride has the same name) in Kranjska Gora. 

Jasna and Bostjan's wedding day is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited to capture it. We love you, guys and see you soon!