Best of couples 2018.jpg

2018 is coming to and end and we’ve been browsing through all our galleries and collecting special moment we shared with our couples. First up are the engagement and portrait sessions.

What a year it was! It’s been an amazing journey, full of laughter and love, a great learning experience, and it has also been exhausting and hard.

We’re incredibly thankful we get to do what we love. And doing what we love has brought so many amazing people to our lives and took us to so many incredible places. We never imagined we’d see a sunrise over Budapest, have Venice all to ourselves at 5 am or walk through evening sun kissed fields of Tuscany.

It’s all thanks to our wonderful couples that choose us to be their photographer. You let us create and be part of your story. Here’s a massive THANK YOU to all the people that believe in us and support us. It really means the world to us.

Come with us on a little journey through 2018 and be inspired by all the love!