"Weddings are not photoshoots. They are stories. Stories about two persons in love. And stories about their loved ones being blessed to witness their love come to one."


The thing we love about wedding the most is emotion. It’s all the little things that happen at a wedding. There are so many stories intertwined in your day and it’s our mission to capture them. All the little details throughout the day compliment the big moments and together they tell a story of your day. Your love story.


"Biggest moments. Strongest emotions. Smallest details."

There’s two of us and we have two completely different approaches. While Nika’s a hopeless romantic, Grega’s a technician. Our styles mix together and we create a perfect combination of fine art and documentary wedding photography.

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“We don’t like posing.” In fact, the only “posing” during your day will be the formal portraits with your family. People are so beautiful when they’re all natural and that’s how we want to capture you. Just the way you are. Candid moments are the best!

Your wedding is beautiful as it is and we won’t influence or disturb it in any possible way. In fact, we love it when people don’t give us any attention and we can blend in with your lovely guest. Keeping a low-profile and being unnoticeable is our jam.

"It all comes down to capturing emotions."